Whiteboard Animations – Great Method to Explain Concepts

I’m a huge fan of whiteboards and an even bigger fan of using whiteboards to make concepts accessible and clear.  I saw today on both Robert Scoble’s and Brad Feld’s blogs a video explaining incentives using whiteboard animations.  RSA Animate is a series of videos that you can find on YouTube that take various subjects and show a video of someone drawing out the concepts on a whiteboard while the author narrates.  In the video below, you’ll hear Dan Pink, author of Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, talk about why money isn’t a great motivator for cognitive tasks.  While you hear him explain the science and studies behind the argument for 11.5 minutes, an artist is whiteboarding everything he says in a clear manner.  He even mentions how valuable Hackathons are.  I encourage you to check out the video:


If you liked that video, then there are several more found on YouTube by searching for RSA Animate, including ones covering Freakanomics, The Secret Powers of Time, and Left Brain, Right Brain.  There is also another company, Common Craft, that does something similar.  They have a line of videos “In Plain English”.  For example, below is one of “Blogs in Plain English”:

One of the skills I wish I had was the ability to create whiteboard videos like the examples above.  Being able to explain complex problems, solutions and ideas visually is a powerful ability.  One of my goals in the near future is to improve in this area, hopefully getting to a level where I am half as good at explaining concepts as RSA and Common Craft.

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