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Improving Online Dating Sites Step 1 – Move Beyond the Static Profile

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Dating sites seem stuck in the past and follow basically the same blueprint: User creates a profile talking about themselves and their interests and can then search for other people based on what those users wrote about themselves.  There are niche sites that act as a preliminary filter (senior citizens, trekkies, farmers, dog lovers, etc) and there are sites that try to collect different data and do matchmaking based on a variety of factors, but they all work the same at the fundamental level.  Online Dating is one of the verticals that doesn’t act anything like the offline version.  There are many things that the sites can do to improve the experience and make it more natural, engaging and effective, which I’ll discuss over multiple posts.  For this one, I’ll focus on the centerpiece of the experience: the user profile.  Dating site profiles have the following problems:

  1. Users have to write about themselves – Not everybody likes to write.  Even fewer people like to write about themselves.  It is awkward and hard for many to figure out what to say that will portray who they are.  So many profiles end up looking very similar.
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