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Nook vs Kindle AKA Open Vs Closed

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

The Barnes and Nobles Nook and the Kindle are similarly capable e-readers.  They use the same e-ink screen and both have wifi and free 3g cellular service for quickly downloading books from their stores.  The Nook has a small color touchscreen under the e-ink display while the Kindle has a physical keyboard, but that isn’t the big advantage that the Nook has over the Kindle.

Nook vs Kindle

The main difference is that the Nook is an open system while the Kindle is not.  The Nook is powered by the Android OS, so theoretically you can program whatever you want that works ok within the device UI, and devs have added programs like Pandora to the e-reader successfully.  The Kindle is running a closed OS so the only way to add new programs is if Amazon adds them to the device.  Both devices have a web browser and the Nook also has Sudoku and Chess, which actually work surprisingly well utilizing the color touchscreen.