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The Future of News is Curators Not Reporters

Friday, April 16th, 2010

It’s no secret that the Newspaper Industry is hurting badly since it has failed to adapt to the internet fast enough and has found its market share and revenues erode greatly.  Their current strategy is the plan to erect pay walls for their content, which users won’t pay for.  The problem is that users don’t go to one source to get their news online; they browse multiple sites to get the whole story, from multiple angles.  That behavior not only hurts the pay wall plan, but leads to less time on site for the newspapers, so less advertising dollars.

The problem is that the Newspapers are overvaluing their reporters.  Yes, there is a difference in quality in newspaper reporters and many homegrown sites, but there are also many ex-journalists who have been laid off due to the industry’s decline and are now working for other sites, so there are still plenty of free news sites with quality journalists.  Additionally, even if a paper’s reporter is the most knowledgeable about a story and has the most interesting facts and take on a major story, it is too easy for other journalists to learn those facts from reading the story and then write their own story leveraging that info.  So the newspaper pays more for the story than competing sites, which puts it at a disadvantage.