Ease the Pain – Priority Baggage

In my previous post, I discussed finding Sweet Spots by figuring out ways to ease Pain Points.  The following is an application of that framework:

Two major pain points for Airline Travel are the time spent at the airport before and after the flight.  Over the past few years, focus has been on easing the pre-flight pain with ticketing kiosks, online check-in and the Trusted Traveler Program.  I haven’t seen much progress or innovation in easing the pain of the post-flight baggage process.

Baggage claim and exit sign in an airport

The delay from landing until the luggage arrives at baggage claim is a major pain point for many travelers.  Some choose to not check any bags in order to bypass the wait, but that’s hard for longer trips and especially now that you can’t take more than 3oz bottles of liquids on the plane.  So why not look at how another industry solved the same pain point?

I mentioned in the previous post that time was a pain point for mail.  Priority Mail and Fedex were offered to help ease that pain point and a similar solution could be implemented for checked luggage.  The airlines could offer ‘Priority Baggage’ which would be taken off the plane first and expedited to the baggage claim ahead of the other bags.  Customers that are on a tight timeline or just hate waiting for baggage would pay extra for this service.

Customers would instantly get the benefit of this service as they already realize that time = money and are familiar with priority mail services.  They are also now accustomed to paying for baggage check now that almost every airline charges for checked bags.  The airports already tag oversized and odd bags separately and even route them to a special area in the baggage claim for pickup.  Adding a priority baggage check service would increase revenue and customer satisfaction, and would be a competitive advantage that would gain some travelers choosing the airline solely for this service.

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